Craig Meyer
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Hair Food


Hair Food Truck  

To launch Hair Food, a Target-exclusive natural hair care line from P&G, we took inspiration from fresh ingredients and a farm-to-table aesthetic. It seemed natural to bring it to market by bringing it near farmer’s markets in Brooklyn and LA in the form of a food truck. People learned about the new products, were offered the opportunity to donate food to local food banks and walked away with a free full-sized product. We worked closely with local beauty influencers to pre-seed buzz around the event and food donations.

Role: Concepting & Art Direction

REGGIE Gold Experiential Marketing

REGGIE Silver Retailer-Specific Program

Chicago ADDY Silver Branded Environment

Concepted and design of in-store displays, both digital and print ads, near recipes in beauty magazines and websites.

Role: Concept & Art Direction

Hair Food BIKES  

Roaming bike sampling event held in Chicago for Hair Food, where our shopper seeks wholesome and healthy inspiration, like farmers markets, the park and fitness classes. 

Role: Concepting & Art Direction